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Jennifer Maneschi

“I have purchased two cars now through Girl Power Auto. Each time, Ngiarie helped me to define what car would best suit me, my family and my budget. Her calm guidance empowered me in my decision making process. She kept me involved in her search for the perfect used car for me. Test drives were done at my home, as were the delivery of my two cars. Fantastic. Ngiarie competently handled every issue involved in purchasing my cars.”

I unreservedly recommend her services to all ladies. I will definitely purchase my next car through Girl Power Auto.

Kathryn Bell

“I had no idea how to approach buying my car. I had only bought 2 cars previously, and the experiences were, to say the least, terrifying. When a friend told me about Girl Power Auto, I thought; what a great idea. And, you guessed it, it was a great idea.”

“Dealing with another women, (who knows her business by the way), was refreshing and relaxed and she never made me feel stupid about any of my questions. I would recommend Girl Power Auto to anyone.”

Karina Kemp

“The time had come: with three boys I needed a car that could transport them from here to there and everywhere – and not just them, but their friends as well. I had a certain budget in mind and a friend suggested I talk to Ngiarie. She was great. Being a mother she understood my situation and began sourcing the appropriate car.”

“The result: A fantastic Toyota Kluger that seats 7 and was in perfect condition. It has made a great difference to our family especially on weekends. The Kluger met my budget and all my needs.”

“Thankfully in this industry there is someone who understands that women have different needs when it comes to buying a car. When it comes to replacing the Kluger, I will definitely go to Ngiarie at Girl Power Auto.”